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We are passionate about events and we go the extra mile to ensure that you have all that you need to make your event successful.
We are not limited by the size and nature of the event, as long as you need it, we will deliver.
The event equipment we offer include:

Choose from our wide selection of tents. Whichever your choice, we will set it up in the most professional way.

High Peak Tents

-High peak tents are locally made tents which come with their own fitted ceiling and are appropriate for both small and large events.


i) 11ft*11ft(sits 15-20guests)
ii) 17ft*17ft(sits 50 guests)
iii) 17ft*34ft(sits 100 guests)


Canopies come in a fabric top which forms the canopy and can only be used in the sunny weather.


The framework is made of metal and these are best used for the ceremony part of a garden wedding.

Alpine Tents

-Alpine tents belong to the hexagon family of tents.


i) 20ft*20ft (sits 40- 50 guests).
-They are best used as the bridal party tent, exhibitions and for food and beverage stations.

Hexagon Tent

-Hexagons are fancy 6-sided tents that come in either a solid, semi clear or a fully clear view top.


i) 6m on all 6sides. (Sits 90-100guests)
ii) 3m on all 6sides (used as a PA, gift and cake tent)-Hexagon tents are appropriate for both corporate and private events.

Pergola tent

The Pergola tent resembles the A frame tent though it has a curved top.



It is best used for high end weddings and corporate events.

Pagoda/BLine Tents

Pagoda tents are fancy and new in the market. They come with an inbuilt ceiling, curtains on the walls. Pagoda tents may be joined to hold more guests.


i) 6m*6m (sits 50 guests)
ii) 10m*10m (sits 100 guests)

Dome marquee tents

These tents are appropriate and popular for holding larger numbers.  It is joined in sections to accommodate the required number.

They are mainly used for corporate events such as end of year parties etc.

Dome tents are also occasionally used for large weddings.

Aluminum frame tents (A Frame tent)

A Frame tents come with either a solid or a fully clear view which is best for night events.


They are joined in sections to accommodate the required number and are suitable for large events, weddings and corporate events.

Stretch Tents

-Stretch tents resemble the shape of the ancient nomadic tents.

-Their canvases come in many different shapes and sizes and they sit various numbers from 10guests all the way to over 250 guests. They can accommodate more when joined together.

– Stretch tents are mainly in white and beige colours, though yellow, purple, red and safari colours are available too.

Plastic Dressed Chairs

Can come in either the normal cotton dressing or  the tight fitting dressing(spandex) which come in either white or black

Chiavari Chairs

These are classy chairs mainly used in weddings and
private parties. They come either in white, crystal clear, gold, silver or
black. Kiddie chiavari chairs are also available in pink, yellow, gold, white
and blue.

Banquet Chairs

These are used in VIP events and mainly come in the red
velvet colour. They are also available in blue.

Wimbledon/White folding Chair

These come in white or black and are fancily used in garden weddings during the ceremony or in round table setting.

OZ luxe chair/Louis/Butterfly Seats

These are mainly used for very high end and high budget events. Suitable for both corporate and social functions and their cushions come either in black or white

Cross bar chairs



These are mainly used in rustic events

Rectangular Table

They come in dimensions of 6ft *2ft and are mainly used as
exhibition tables, high tables, gift/PA tables, buffet service etc. For fine dining
guest seating, we combine 2 tables for comfortability and this sits 6-8 guests

Round Tables

Can either be 6 seater, 8seater or 10 seater tables. Whichever
your choice, the setup will ever look superb!

Cocktail Tables

Our fancy cocktail tables ensure your guests mingle and get to
know each other as they enjoy a variety of bitings from the bar. These are
excellent for church to reception interchange in weddings

Rectangular Table

Square tables are new to the market and sit 12 guests. They work best when mixed with other types of tables.

Fairy Lighting

These are small bulb lights on a string that are mainly used to
decorate informal setups such as weddings and Christmas parties, in various
colours such as gold, red and blue

LED Lighting

Also called parcan lights that create an ambience and mood for
the crowd by setting your choice of colour from a wide range of colours.
These can also be set to change colours at different paces.

Moving headlights

These powerful lights work on rotational basis and are best on stages for concerts or any form of performance.

Mixed lighting for ambience

To achieve the most successful event, a variety of lights must be put together, ask us for our professional advise

Flood lights

Create bright lighting for tents, pathways and buffet areas.

Clear Stages

These are aluminium stages that come with clear board
panels, and lighting is best done underneath to create some serious stage
presence. We join many panels to achieve your stage size

Aluminium Raised Stage

Can be used at different heights of your choice  such as 0.3metres, 0.5metres or 1 metre. Suitable for high tables, concerts  and podium enhancements. Ask us for one today, we join many panels to achieve your stage size

Red Carpets

These can be either walkway carpets, stage carpets or to  cover the whole tent! They come in various shapes and sizes, call us and  ask us for one that suits you.

Floral Arrangement

These can range from centerpiece flowers to  complement the table setup, pedestal flowers, car flowers, bridal bouquet  flowers, walkway flowers and many ideas. We are ready to supply you  with flowers of your choice and those in season, ask us for ideas today


Let us use this linen to bring out your colour scheme, either in
indoor halls or in the tents you have selected. Ask us today!


Use these to achieve different themes in your event such as
rustic themes. Accessories vary from charger plates, pillars, vases,
stanchions to be used as barriers etc. ask us for different accessories that
suit your event

Gas Heater

Let these keep you warm all night in the cold season.